Sugar Knife in Oakland


Last week I worked on a project with Kim Morrison of Chabot College. We talked about music, food and education. Kim suggested we need a few more Oakland posts and when I found Sugar Knife in Oakland I decided nothing could be sweeter. The photo on Sugar Knife's website alone is a … [Read more...]

California Cheese Trail

logo for the california cheese trail

Link to the map of the California Cheese Trail. Visit a Cheesemaker, buy cheese online and take cheesemaking classes. Today I purchased four great California cheeses at a local market. Well, three are local and one is a favorite from across the pond. There's something about … [Read more...]

Hensel’s Seafood and Deli in Crescent City

Owner Hensel serving fish in Crescent City

I regularly drive though Crescent City. I have one aunt in Eureka, CA and another in Cave Junction, OR. When I was growing up we would stop at many fish shacks for great meals in Eureka, Trinidad and Crescent City. I received this recommendation from Jessica Mercado who wrote in … [Read more...]

Katie’s Famous Jams in Ojai

A jar of strawberry jam on a table with a fresh strawberry.

These are not your mother's jams and not only for toast. Katie's Famous Jams are always cooked in small batches, created with a special flair and unique flavor combos that tantalize. They add gusto to any meal.  The original starter to this organic line was Peach Bourbon Jam with … [Read more...]

Il Fiorello Olive Oil in Fairfield

An olive oil tasting room with a bar and stools.

Il Fiorello means little flower in Italian, and this name signifies the tiny flowers that cover the olive trees when in bloom. The 2000 tree orchard thrives in the heat of the Sacramento River Delta area. Il Fiorello is known for it's specialty single varietal oils from Italian, … [Read more...]

Mastiff Sausage Company in San Diego

A gourmet sausage on a bun with mushrooms and greens.

Pick up your dog and eat it at the truck, take it to go, or have them cater an event. In any and all ways, these sausages are super special and a great alternative to the hum drum burger. Each variety is gourmet hand-crafted of all natural fresh ingredients, with herbs, spices, … [Read more...]